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BH Sales Kennel Kelp for Animals and HUMANS 

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BH Sales, is The Thorvin Kelp distributor for Kennel Kelp Powders, I gladly and proudly work with fellow Maine resisident Craig  from Maine Coast Sea Vegetables. our blend of Laminaria hyperborea, Ascophyllum nodosum, and Laminaria digitata

OCIA Certified Organic and a Raw Food

MY KENNEL KELP POWDERS, TO INCLUDE ICB, IRISH ROCKWEED ,DULSE,  just to mention a few are in many of my supplying vendors products, as my own Private lABEL and Custom Blend, tinctures, clays, sea veggies and more!!-in my capacity as BH Sales Ingredient Broker,

Icelandic Kelp Blend™ (IKB) is our blend of three “brown” sea vegetables: Laminaria hyperborea, Ascophyllum nodosum, and Laminaria digitata. It provides more than sixty bioavailable minerals, vitamins, fiber, and a host of bioactive compounds and phytonutrients — plus guaranteed Iodine content (9000-10500 mcg in a 3 g serving). Available as a powder only.

Our kelp blends are:

Harvested from the cold, nutrient-dense waters of the North Atlantic

Sourced from clean ocean waters, as verified by independent inspection

Dried at low temperatures to preserve nutrient density and prevent oxidation

 Dried using geothermal energy, a renewable resource

Seawater contains all the essential minerals for sustaining our lives, and sea plants absorb these nutrients directly through extensive leaf-like fronds. Kelp, the common name for multiple species of brown seaweed, is a particularly powerful bioaccumulator and has long been used to support healthy thyroid function and mineral balancing. 

More nutritional information to come.

As with all of our products, these Kelp Blends are certified organic and sustainably harvested to protect biodiversity and the long-term health of our oceans. Samples are tested for microbiological contaminants, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, petroleum residues, and radioactivity.

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Sea Seasonings - Kelp Granules Shaker

Sea Seasonings - Kelp Granules Shaker



Sea Seasonings - Kelp w/Cayenne Shaker

Sea Seasonings - Kelp w/Cayenne Shaker



Icelandic Kelp Blend Powder™ - 1# Bulk



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(10 Day Immune Boost 60 caps will be added to your package at time of shipment for domestic orders. We may not always be able to send with international orders.)

10 Day Immune Boost is designed to be taken for no more than 10 days to enhance immune system powers when under critical immune stress. Contains potent herbs that are taken only for shorter durations. Can be taken together with Immune Power during the 10 days, then stay on Immune Power alone (as a daily preventative or immune strengthener) until your health goals have been reached.

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