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BH Sales Custom Blend CBD Infused Dog Boo Boo Butter

How to Apply BH Sales Custom Blend CBD Oil Infused Dog Boo Boo Butter

BH Sales has worked with the outstanding team at Blissful Dogs and Blissful Horses , Kathy Dannel Vitcak and AshleyKilzer ,and her Mom for about three years now. I look forward to working with them on formulating my new prototypical CBD Infused dog, cat, and horse care aromatherapy ,shampoos, soaps, and butters

BH Sales Custom Blend CBD Oil Infused Dog Boo Boo Butter

BH Sales works with Kathy and Ashley via direct client referrals to order their fine recipes for animal health care products ALL BH Sales clients qualify for BH Sales 50/25 Virtual Vouchers by ordering direct to Blissful Dogs and or Blissful Horses

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I am looking for 15 stalwart cornerstone game changers

Give me 60 days to work in collaboration with you we both will see positive results Thrive Alive Read and Heed

What makes you different? Lets discover a great opportunity together My Team will succeed

A Winner Never Quits  A Quitter never Wins!

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BH Sales Kennel Kelp CTFO CBD OIL

David Wells Retired Major League Pitcher

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Physicians Speak About Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp Oil for Chronic Pain Relief

BH Sales Kennel Kelp CBD Benefits for Humans and Animals

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BH Sales Kennel Kelp Proudly promotes Sea 7 Tech and Sea Miracle ...


Please join the healthiest family on the planet where everyone here deserves a PHD! We produce organic and natural health, wellness, and technology products 

Pure Health Defender powered by Sea 7 Tech - San Clemente ... › ... › Alternative & Holistic Health Service

Pure Health Defender powered by Sea 7 Tech, San Clemente, California. 

Pure Health Defender powered by SEA 7 TECH rejuvenate, reconstruct, now..

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I represented Dr Lee's former Natures Organic Pet


Nutrition... as Nature intended.

100% Wild-Harvested 100% Vegan

Sea Miracle Super Food Formulas are safe for all people, pets, and plants/soils plus. We produce 118 pure nutrients, recognized 100% by the body, offering vitamins, minerals, trace minerals & elements plus, allowing all life to thrive alive. Please consult your Physician or Veterinarian before implementing.

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BH Sales Kennel Kelp Derived from Thorvin Kelp

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BH Sales Tourmaline Water

Seth speaks abut Tourmaline Spring at the Maine Mineralogical Society in Portland Maine 2/17/18

Posted on February 18, 2018

Seth speaks at the Maine Mineralogical & Geological Society about finding big pockets of crystals, how crystaline granite bodies make perfect drinking water and saving the world through small business! 

As a kid, I went crazy over crystals! After discovering a fossil as a kid, I was turned on to gemstones crystals, rocks and[…]

Posted in Charity/Non-Profit/World Changers, Crystal Healing, History/Source, Living Water, Local Business, Maine Local Business, Media/News/Podcasts, Primary Water, Spring Water, Tourmaline Spring Tagged gemstones, rocks and minerals, Seth leaf Pruzansky, spring water, tourmaline

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