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BH Sales Kennel Kelp for Animals and HUMANS 

Serving Pets and Their Owners for over 20 Years.


Order Direct and here at BH Sales All Products Applicable to BH Sales 50/25 Virtual Vouchers

BH Sales Greg Prahm Makes Announcement  Movida Oils Sea 7 Tech & Sea Miracle USA Distributor

Listen into my todays edition of my BTR Show for further updates and BIG Sales on Sea Miracle and PHD Products 

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BH Sales A New Vendor Movido

I just made my first purchase for Movida's Vape  Cartridge Kit  can't wait to test this out for my own Arthritis Looking forward to dealing with Al regarding BH Sales and ongoing promotion of the Sea 7 Tech and Sea Miracle products also!!

PHD aka Pure Health Defenders Inc is proud to introduce our new USA Distributor, Al Morentin and MOVIDA CBD’s, OILS and SEA MIRACLE SUPER FOODS Plus, all will be available at @movidaoils very soon! Pls help me to welcome MOVIDA to the family, and let’s all be sure to support the mission at get people, pets and plants well, while keeping them this way!!! Thank you, we look forward to serving all well very soon!!! Pls check out our website at soon to be linked to new distributor, FYI 

BH Sales Proud to be part of the Sea 7 Tech Family

Dr Jeffrey Lee Dir UCLA Medicine talks SEA 7 TECH’s Nano & Pico Technology and Sea Miracle Super Foods for people, pets, and plants to thrive alive!

Dir UCLA Medicine Dr Jeffrey Lee sits with founder Greg of PHD Pure Health Defenders to introduce and discuss the (2) great products SEA 7 TECH Scalar Energy Atomic Technology and Sea Miracle Super Foods produced for people, pets, and plants. Also...THE NEW TRANSVERSAL PIECE OF SEA 7 TECH for those looking to place as desired!!! 

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They have finally arrived!!!! Pure Health Defenders has finally received their brand new leather bands 5/8in. in Black or Mahogany, w/SEA 7 TECH Scalar Energy Atomic Technology!!! SEA 7 TECH can benefit people, pets, and plants, at the molecular and cellular levels plus, reconstructing, rehydrating, replenishing and much more, through the Proprietary Nano and Pico Frequency’s. All SEA 7 TECH is quantified and measured by Dr Jeffrey Lee Dir UCLA Medicine and Associates for 8yrs. Dr Lee and City of Hope Cancer Division, have currently placed SEA 7 TECH by PHD Pure Health Defenders into clinical trials for Cancer related Neuropathy’s and Diabetic Neuropathy’s “, to measure the benefits between different cancers and diabetic issues. There are a great deal of R&D and Videos at my  website , please feel free to browse around! They guarantee our technology products, ensuring the highest quality available to you at all times! ***SPECIAL ON NEW LEATHER BANDS WITH SEA 7 TECH...the gift that keeps on giving, while you keep on living pure n true giving the best within you!

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Pls join the healthiest family on the planet where everyone here deserves a PHD! We produce organic and natural health, wellness, and technology products for people and their pets alike to thrive alive! We guarantee your satisfaction, or come get your money back. We are not here to “sell health”, yet we are here to OFFER THE VALUES AT THE PUREST LEVEL FROM MOTHER EARTH AND THIS UNIVERSE, which your bodies recognize 100%. What values in your life, do you apply or consume that give you 100% benefit opportunities?!?! WE WANT TO SERVE YOU WELL...VERY WELL! One Love Real Soon, I will be speaking with these two gentleman right here  Interactively with Videos but also in the near future over at my BTR Show

Greg Prahm & Dr. Lee

Greg Prahm

Greg Prahm

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We are here to serve you well...guaranteed!

Pure Health Defenders Inc aka PHD wants you to be at your best at all times. In order to do so, we believe the products we manufacture and produce, most definitely complement the lifestyle of ALL people, pets, and plants plus. We do not believe in selling you health. To ensure that you “haven’t been sold”, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our products. We are very proud to offer the purest values Sea Miracle Super Foods and SEA 7 TECHNOLOGY have to offer people, pets, and plants plus

Pure Health Defenders Inc

713 Avenida Columbo, San Clemente, CA USA 92672

Get to know the family!

We are on a mission to serve you, your pets, and plants well! Please join us, the healthiest family on the planet today, utilizing organic and natural products advantageous for people, pets, and their plants alike. We will be offering health, wellness, and technology, information and R&D, which may serve you, your pets and plants well. We look forward to providing a solid foundation for which ALL to grow pure n true!

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BH Sales Business Associate and FRIEND

Dr. Jeffrey Lee

I represented Dr Lee's former Natures Organic Pet


Nutrition... as Nature intended.

100% Wild-Harvested 100% Vegan

Sea Miracle Super Food Formulas are safe for all people, pets, and plants/soils plus. We produce 118 pure nutrients, recognized 100% by the body, offering vitamins, minerals, trace minerals & elements plus, allowing all life to thrive alive. Please consult your Physician or Veterinarian before implementing.

7 Sea Vegetables

Ascophyllum Nodosum

Chondrus Chrispus

Fucus Vesiculosus


Fucus Evanescens

Porphyra Leucosticta

Ulva Lactuca

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Safe for all ages. Please consult your physician before implementing.



Safe for all breeds and all ages of pets. Please consult your Veterinarian before implementing.



Safe for all plants, garden, and soils alike!

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Ask The Doc with 

Dr. Jeffrey Lee & Greg Prahm

BH Sales A True Genius & My Friend 

Dr. Jeffrey Lee

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PHD has (2) products, 1) SEA 7 TECH Scalar Energy Atomic Technology, and 2) Sea Miracle Super Foods, both products can benefit the molecular and cellular foundations plus. SEA 7 TECH's Pure Health Defender, is restoring, reconstructing, and rehydrating, molecules, cells, and electrical balance 

BH Sales Sea Miracle Dr. Ben Johnson


Supports the body's energy levels and energy field. May alleviate soreness, aches, and pains. Reduces Inflammation and supports flexibility. May protect DNA from damage. Supports emotional balance and; assists in stress management. May neutralize negative energies and protect cells from harmful electromagnetic ...

Pure Health Defender powered by Sea 7 Tech - San Clemente ...

Pure Health Defender powered by SEA 7 TECH rejuvenate and reconstruct, 

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